When your friend turns out to be a leprechaun

A story of Discovery

Who knew?  She was always a very dear friend, from almost our very first meeting.  I could sense the old soul within. The connection, I did not make at that time, is that there was a reason for her to have an old soul.  Her soul may date back as far as the fourth century when St. Patrick was born.  The hidden secret about my friend only became clear to me this month. She is not only such a cherished friend, she is also a leprechaunian.. 

Little is known about this clan of leprechauns.  They are taller than your average leprechaun and have varied professions.  Their ancestors were all shoe makers, but they stood on the shoulders of the past and spread their talents into a wide array of professions. Unlike the Gaelic variety of leprechauns, with which we are most familiar, they do not hide.  They live their lives out in plain sight.  Because they are taller and through genetic adaptation over the years have lost their pointy ears, they blend in.  Hence, they have no reason to hide. You might say, they hide in plain sight, like so much in life.

This particular clan is referred to as leprechaunians.  They act as leprechaun connectors because they live in and understand the ways of the modern world.  At the same time they maintain  a strong sense of self, their deep leprechaun roots,  and  their cultural identity.  They act as a bridge between those Celtic leprechauns, who remain a mystery to the world, and their modern manifestation. These leprechaunians are very much a part of the fabric of our diverse society.  In the interest of protecting their leprechaun brethren, they keep their relationships and communication with traditional leprechaun society out of the public view and guard its sanctity and its secrecy.

So, how did I come to discover my friend’s true identity?  It started when at the end of February she showed up at my house with a cardboard box with a rainbow on the front   “I am bringing this over for you since it’s almost March.  There are some fun activities inside”  Here are some signs I have since learned,  that indicate a person really is a leprechaun connector, or leprechaunian.

  • They give you books about leprechauns
  • They start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in February
  • They deliver mysterious rainbow covered boxes
  • They give you what you need to play the leprechaun games they play, like pin the green moustache on the leprechaun.
  • They wear very small green hats that have been passed down through the generations from their smaller leprechaun ancestors.
  • If they really like you, they give you what you need to make a leprechaun trap, since they know what leprechauns like.
  • They advise you about how to have fun on St. Patrick’s Day (Be careful here, leprechauns like to play tricks on us!)

My friend checked all these boxes.  And the final and most important ingredient is her leprechaun charm and ability to spread leprechaun luck.  Sssshhhhh!   Don’t tell anybody, let’s keep it a secret!

One thought on “When your friend turns out to be a leprechaun

  1. Coming home and reading your post made my day. Your creativity in storytelling and delivery is amazing. The whole time I was like, oooh, who is this friend. It was not until the rainbow box and pics did I figure it out!


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