T’was the night before St. Patrick’s Day

(I have a lot to do getting ready for tomorrow, so here is my off the cuff adapted rendition of a more famous poem to fulfill my writing commitment for the day.)

A very special time….

T’was the night before St. Patrick’s Day

And all through my home

Not a creature was stirring

Yet, I knew I wasn’t alone.

First I heard a whisper

Then a small shoe dropped

To the polished wooden floor

What was it?

Who was that?

With the veil to their world open

I wondered if he

Had hidden his pot of gold

And was now attempting to flee.

So I rose to my feet, green socks and all

And I chased that sound down the hall

Rounding the corner, what did I see?

A pair of emerald eyes looking up at me

From way down below where a little man stood

What are you doing in my neighborhood?

I thought you all lived on the other side

Of the mighty rainbow

Why yes, that’s where I’m trying to go

So if you’ll just clear the path and let me pass

I’ll meet you down the road a piece if you fancy

And then you can tell them you met the wee Clancy

For leprechauns roam the face of this earth

And on March  17, we slip into view

We are  the next generation of shoemakers and dream weavers

Don’t try to trick us out of our gold

For you cannot outwit us, young or old

We adhere to the leprechaun creed

We bring laughter and luck to those in need.

So Keep dancing to jigs and reels

When you’re blue, remember how green feels

Fill the air with surprise and get on your way

For tomorrow the veil to the other side will lift

It is St. Patrick’s Day

4 thoughts on “T’was the night before St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I had to come by here for the leprechaun magic, Colleen! Once again you don’t disappoint, with enchanting verse and your festive photos. My husband has had Irish music playing today and it really does want to make you stand and jig and whirl – and then the pipes, the pipes are calling – completely twisting one’s green heartstrings. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours 🙂

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    1. twisting one’s green heartstrings…. love that so much yes Irish music always makes me want to dance. Back in the day, when I actually could, I used to break into dance even in pubs and restaurants around this time of year. Having fun sharing with you. Thanks for the visit

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  2. This post made me smile today. That and the visit from the leprechaun last night. I 100% agree with
    “When you’re blue, remember how green feels
    Fill the air with surprise and get on your way”

    Always learning from you in life and writing craft!


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