If Only, If Only

The world were a figurative poem

And tomorrow I could strip away all the violent metaphors

And replace them with baskets of sunflowers

That would be singing the Ukranian national anthem

In downtown Kyiv with an orchestra playing

As they stood  strong,  with their green stems

Softly genuflecting in the wind, twisting westward

And  triumphantly  righting themselves, growing tall and proud

If only allowed, if only allowed

With so many gifts to give

To grow, to thrive, to live, to live

And as we watch a storm ravish the sunflower field

We have to ask ourselves, could we be a shield?

If so, how, and then when?

We may not have this opportunity again.

To save the field from the plague of despair

To nurture the blossoms and show that we care

Standing by just doesn’t feel right

As the storm ravages on night after night

Praying to God with hope for  salvation and light

To nurture the sunflowers and protect them all

As the might of an evil wind grows, don’t let them fall.

For they shine for us all, as with dignity, they continue to stand tall.

If only….

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