From Start to Finish

Final reflection on our slicing this year

When this season of March writing began, we were about one week into the war in Ukraine.  Here we are one month later and still in the full bloom of war. That song “What a difference a day makes…” keeps  going through my head.  As the song says, “24 little hours…” and so much can happen.  This slice activity is such a wonderful way of disciplining ourselves to observe and record the subtleties of each moment. 

A dear friend gave us a box of fortune cookies this month and one of the fortunes really spoke to me. In our home, we always get the fortune cookie that is pointing at us, letting fate decide our future.  The cookie said, “Life is not so much what you accomplish…as what you overcome.”  Life is a journey and we don’t always get to choose the path we are on.  We do however get to choose if we sing while we walk it.

I hear people singing the Ukranian national anthem on the steps of the statehouse in Kyiv.  I hear a child singing Let it Go, as she stands up in the bomb shelter and proudly belts out the song. “Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway. ” This is what resilience looks like!

 May all my fellow slicers have a year filled with joie de vivre and resilience until we meet again next March.

Watch her singJ

2 thoughts on “From Start to Finish

  1. Thank you for your passionate posts about all things green and the world around us. Your slices and comments have served as mentors, and I’m so very lucky to be a part of your writing community.


  2. So glad you sliced this march. Thanks for this reflection as it helps me as I struggle with this horrible war in Ukraine. And I had missed the news of this lovely singer. Thanks for adding it. Have a lovely spring!!


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