On St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

I have been living it all month

Anticipation, excitement, connection to times past

The hills whisper through my red braids

My childhood reverberates in every step I take today

Once in ballet shoes, then toe shoes, then tap

And finally in Irish dance shoes with ghillies

My heart matches pace with my soul

And I dance till I drop into a dreamy  state of nostalgia

Drifting over hills with grazing sheep and stone fences,

Deserted and dilapidated castles, where stories of old

Echo within and lace the air with ballads and fiddles

So today, a box of lucky charms sits on my table

Tales of leprechauns  spin from within the wood of my Irish work table

Once used to make shoes, and now storing my laptop in a tool drawer

It has been a long week, so maybe when I go to sleep

The drawer will mysteriously open and the wee people

Will reach in, take my laptop, and finish this story.

I will read it in the morning to see……

6 thoughts on “On St. Patrick’s Day

  1. What a great way to end St. Patrick’s Day. I loved experiencing your childhood in ballet shoes, toe shoes, tap shoes, and finally Irish dance shoes. I hope the wee people do finish your story as I’d be curious to read it.

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  2. -The Irish gift of story and verse, quite evident here! Love this poem – your childhood “reverberating in every step,” the nostalgia, the wee people coming to finish the story – well done! Happy, happy St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂

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