Going Green, the Irish Way

If you look directly at the glowing (fiber optic) leprechaun, as we all stand around in the semi-darkened room, and you invite a leprechaun to visit, a real one may show up.  And guess what?  A real one did…Oddly enough he had slid over the rainbow into many parts of the world, already having visited all of the countries represented among the students.  This was no small accomplishment, given that I had students there from Guatemala, El Salvador, Bolivia, Japan, Tunisia, and and Ethiopia  And yes, my leprechaun had been to all those places and talked to students about them, in addition of course to talking about his life as a leprechaun. 

“How did you get so big”  “The food in America..”  Yes, don’t we all have that problem?  ”Do you have to be born a leprechaun or can you become one?”  “Where is your family?”  “Why are you looking at our shoes?” A delightful morning full of whimsy was had by us all.   This was of course punctuated with green donuts, soda bread, and sandwiches made on green bread.  My more courageous students ventured to dance to the jigs and reels playing in the background. 

Looking at Ireland’s Eye, you could see the Leprechaun watch film taken last year on St. Patrick’s Day.  It only takes one student to say  “I saw something move,”  before it begins.  “I saw him too.”  “Did you see the hat?”  “What hat?”  “I saw it, I did.”   Everyone leaves the room yelling that they saw a leprechaun for real.  This is how “group think” must work.  In any case, it makes for a happy group think.

At the end of the day, taking down the green enclave, and returning it to a normal classroom is an emotional elevator of its own, going from rooftop to ground floor.  I usually do this alone and methodically, separating myself from the indulgence as I go.  Finally I have three storage boxes and 4 large shopping bags filled with celebratory fixings, far more reasonable than I have done some other years.  One at a time the Irish trappings accompany me down the empty and quiet back stairs.  They assemble at the rear door awaiting my loving arms to load them up and take them home.

Just to top off the day, my husband and I went out to the Celtic House for dinner and live Irish music with friends. Today I got to attend a French association meeting, and a Latino parent group meeting with my green donuts in hand.  And the best part is…it’s not over yet.  Sunday we will celebrate again in a family kind of way.

Until then, I will stare at my fiber optic leprechaun and see if the real one comes….

5 thoughts on “Going Green, the Irish Way

  1. Thinking about the Irish prayer and sending it your way so your luck will continue. I can feel Ireland in your words and hear the music. We spent two weeks in Ireland last summer and hope to return some day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  2. Just so festive and fun – I am enjoying how you weave numerous international, multicultural threads through your St. Pat’s posts – with the sliding over the rainbow into other parts of the world. And cannot help laughing at the idea of you staring at your fiber optic leprechaun until a real one comes! And – another great photo!

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  3. Festive does not even begin to describe the event you produce in your classroom! That is why these words resonate – “emotional elevator of its own, going from rooftop to ground floor.” I love how you slowed down that moment to show the heart you put into this special day year after year. Love the students’ snippets of conversation; we need more joyous wondrous moments like this in life.

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