The Next Day

The drawer was open.  Was it possible? Could they actually have come and left something on my laptop?  No! Who ever heard of a high tech leprechaun? But, a few lucky charms were spilled on the table and my laptop was slightly misplaced. Was somebody playing a trick on me? I opened it only to find this

Riddle 1:  Who am I?

You can see through me.

You don’t want to see too much or too little of me

Your life may even be threatened by my presence.

If you chase after me, I will take you to a rainbow..

You see me, you hear me, you cannot control me.

I am a guest you don’t want at your wedding

A friend, who helps you say goodbye

I come and go in my own time

“Go home,” the parade marshall said to me

“Not today, go home!”

“Go away,” the children tell me, we want to play

And so I  hide my tear stained face

“I want to sing with you,” Debbie said

“You won’t stop my parade,” said Barbara

Ireland owes its forty shades of green

To me, my friends

Who am I?

Riddle 2:  Who am I?

I am the part that is missing

I feel empty inside.

I have no future and no past.

I will never be first or last.

All around me is a world so sweet

That the icing on the cake makes me complete

You can only find me for a short time each year.

Then I go back into hiding and disappear.

Who am I?

12 thoughts on “The Next Day

    1. You are so in tune with my writing. Absolutely correct on riddle 1
      riddle 2 to be revealed tomorrow
      have to admit that riddle 2 is a bit of a stretch, not sure it is even gettable as written…..


    1. okay I have to start reading the saga…. I like the continuing over a couple days thing- it gives you a springboard and gives you more room to weave the story. I am hooked….


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