About My Grandson


A day spent with God’s greatest gift to us

An angel boy, filled with joy and promise

Your eyes are the Delph blue of a Dutch painting

Your hair, fire engine Irish red

Your smile is larger than the harvest moon

Your laugh is a party waiting to happen

You have a touch of mischievous humor

An Irish limerick, waiting to be solved

And evoking laughter in response

To the playful glimmer in your eye

When I look at you I see love in its purest form

I see innocence and grace in one package

The tenderness of your touch melts my heart

As we read a book about blue elephants, and orange bunnies

You curl up in my lap like there is no tomorrow

There is only the gentle warmth of this moment

And the rest of my world disappears, when I am with you

When I take you for a walk in the green umbrella stroller

I see trees and the sky and my neighborhood in a whole new light

Because I see them as you see them, pointing a single finger

To show your interest and delight

When your soft face brushes against mine as I hold you

I am kissed by the cherry blossoms of your rosy cheeks.

When you laugh, my inner spirit dances

When you cry, nothing else matters

When you come into the house, the house rejoices

Capturing some of your essence to sustain us

Until your next visit.

5 thoughts on “About My Grandson

  1. Beautiful! I cannot even decide which line or lines I like most. Maybe the Irish limerick waiting to be solved. What a gift YOU are to Oliver. What a gift this poem will be to him, one day. 🙂


  2. Every line is a joy, but I love this one the best: “I am kissed by the cherry blossoms of your rosy cheeks.”
    I will file away this post as proof that to be a grandparent is supreme! So much love in your writing. 🙂

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