Shall We Dance?

The whole world should be Planet Fitness… Check out the no judgement zone   You have to love the slogans. “No critics, One life, One body, One chance , etc.”  You have to love this place.  First of all, for teachers, it is a mecca for purple pens!  Free in a cup as you exit.  I never leave without one.  Second, people do not come in fancy, expensive gym clothes.  This is not the home of Athletica or LuLu Lemontree….No- this is a place where real people come in gray sweats and oversized shirts that look lived in, with letters that are either faded or worn off. The people also come in different shapes and sizes, which is comforting.  The gym has an inviting wooden floor when you enter, it looks like a dance floor, with a wooden pattern that highlights the yellow and purple walls and all the awesome slogans.. This is my kind of gym.

As I do my time on the treadmill, I blunt the awareness of exercising by bringing headphones and watching TV  On weeks when I get to the gym, I am well informed about politics and celebrities.  If I am at the gym, it is either CNN or Love it or Leave it, and I am guessing if the couple will buy a new house or stay.  I wouldn’t give you two cents for this show if I were home, but at the gym it takes my mind off of the effort I am making to walk faster than I usually do and to include an incline in the routine.

That said, the treadmill is a two for one deal.  It’s good for you and you get all the news that’s fit to print, and some that isn’t, while getting exercise  So today I went to the gym with my husband.  At the end of the workout I was feeling proud of myself for having made the time to come.  I didn’t do anything spectacular, but I did burn off a few calories and build some stamina. 

I was ready to leave when I heard it.  “Be my Baby”  Oldies but goodies…so we looked at each other and laughed and we both knew we had to dance.  And, dance we did, in our unmatched sweats, with no judgement!

12 thoughts on “Shall We Dance?

  1. I love your perspective on all the slogans. I had thought of them as sort of cliche. Your beginning, especially, about the whole world should be this way, makes me think of them differently. It’s true. You should share this with Planet Fitness–this post makes me want to join!

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  2. I love this post! Love all the slogans and your descriptions of how people dress. I chuckled at how you are an informed citizen on the weeks when you made it to the gym! And there could be no better ending- dancing to a fave oldie with your husband! A very upbeat slice.

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  3. The details – shirts that look lived in, letters coming off – such gritty yet inviting real-ness! I love the “mecca of purple pens” and the dancing to the oldies at the end. If you’re gonna work out – rock it like this! 🙂


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