Battery Recharge

Literal and Figurative

Aren’t we all a little close to the edge?  Between living our lives and trying to make peace with the horrors of world events, it is depleting. 

Today our car decided it was also done.  But it could not have decided to just plain quit on us at a better spot.  If your car has to break down, there is no better spot than in front of the best bakery in town. I came out the first time to find my husband standing there with the hood up.  Did the car in front of us back into us?  Why else would it be up, damaged maybe?  The car is working fine, so I thought. After I entered the bakery the car said,” On break, and by the way, bring me some donuts” 

The kindness of strangers is always reassuring.  Jay went to his Ford and pulled out a small battery pack recharger.  We hooked up the car, and I stepped on the gas.  Still nothing, it was a noble effort, but did not get us anywhere.  Sometimes machines have a mind of their own.

When all else fails, call our neighbor who is a one man rescue squad.  I should have a scorecard to keep track of how often he has rescued us form a variety of situations. He even saved my husband’s life once.  “Hi, we need to be rescued again.” He showed up and with his even more powerful charger and mechanical know -how, he managed to get us home.

In the interim, I made multiple return trips to the bakery… Surely the rescue squad deserves an Irish whiskey cake.  Wait, we need more donuts to pass around today, it’s Sunday.  Visit friends outdoors and drop off donuts day… well sort of.  When I found a shamrock shaped donut, I knew we were in luck.

So the car is maybe signaling me that it’s time for a battery recharge.  I can’t change the course of history,  I can barely check off all the items on my very mundane to do list. So how do I recharge my battery?  It gave me something to think about.   Maybe I should be taking a bath, baking cookies, reading by the fire, playing with my grandson, or dancing in the moonlight.  How do you recharge your battery?  And, how do you know when it’s time to do so before the battery lets you know?

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