Starting March Right

March is the beginning of green!  Look at the trees.  They are beginning to sprout promises of spring. The grass is celebrating its favorite color.  The sky stretches a canvas of blue above to welcome the carpet of green, emerging from snow, mud and the general “dull” of winter.

March madness takes place in the sports world and people gamble with money they do not have, hoping for that magic touch of green.

But the most important purveyor of green this month is the underlying spirit of Irish culture and spiritual renewal.  You never know when some part of that subtle, but ever present Irish combustible unknown may charm you.

In the month of March I wear green every day, to be ready for that Irish moment, which could occur at any time, and in any manner. When I was still teaching it was part of my trademark to wear green all of March.  Students would appear in the morning before going to other classes to see if I was wearing my green.   “Yeah, she’s wearing green again. “  Even though I am now retired, I dare not leave the house in anything but green during this month.  You never know who you will run  into and I have a reputation to uphold.  And, no, I don’t cheat; I wear green at home too.   Since I buy green whenever I have a color choice, I can make it through most of the month with few total outfit repeats.

The leprechauns are coming soon.  The veil between their world and ours will soon be lifted and I am seeing GREEN.

2 thoughts on “Green

    1. ‘I am surprised you saw this. I missed the first day so I published this on my site and then tried to place it in the first post of this month but it was closed and I could not get in. So I just left it sitting there. Maybe I will use it officially tomorrow. i I miss sharing with the green days wth you at school, but plan to see you this week:) Thanks for all your writing encouragement and for bringing me back to the fold.


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