If Only

If only I were in my twenties now..

What would my life look like if I were in my twenties now? For starters, you would find me in Romania.  In my twenties, I was not yet married, and did not yet have the same level of family responsibilities.  I would not have been brave enough to plunge straight into Ukraine. I would for sure be in Romania, where I could at least make my own meaningful contribution to the imbalance between humanity and barbarism that we all witness with each passing day of the war in Ukraine.

There are 66 children living in a make shift orphanage in Romania.  These are children who have lost both parents In Russia’s “military operation.”  A young boy being interviewed says “I lost my mum and and my dad, they are dead…… Now I have to listen to my teachers” And several teachers up and left Ukraine to respond to the need to be anchors for these children.  The boy next to him is clearly in a daze.  A girl sits quietly in the corner of the room just staring.  Who knows what images are parading through her psyche?  These precious children are the collateral damage of a war supposedly targeting military facilities.  When the International Court of Justice prepares its case for war crimes, the testimony of these children must be included.

Life is far beyond a bed of sunflowers in Ukraine, but these children will survive and even thrive because it is in their DNA.  What a privilege it must be to be present for them, to be their trusted teachers, to share in their journey and to be able to surround them in love, tied in blue and yellow ribbons of tenderness. .  

Slava Ukraini

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