The Bicycle as a Metaphor

La Bicyclette

Wandering through a side street in Paris, I came across a small papeterie.  These stationary stores carry everything one needs to write, still a revered practice in France. They also have small items to inspire.  On a turn- around rack of inspirational postcards, I found this:


C’est comme une


If faut avancer pour ne pas perdre


-Albert Einstein

Life is like a bicycle.  You have to keep moving forward to not lose your balance.

I love that thought and that image.  As a rank sentimentalist, who can easily get bogged down in the past, this is a potent message. 

It also makes me think of what people say when you have not done something in a long time and you feel uncertain about still having the ability to take on the task.  “Don’t worry, it’s like riding a bicycle, it will come back to you as soon as you start.”  Somehow the bicycle as life symbol gets embedded in our consciousness early on in life.

Past, present, and future blur through time with moments of flashbacks interspersed with dreams and aspirations for the future.  And yes, we must keep moving forward

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