The Magic Eight Ball

“Are you kidding mom?” I hear laughter.  “Why is there a magic 8 Ball sitting on your desk?”  I need it to make decisions. “Like what?”  “Oh, all kinds of decisions, like if this is a good year to retire.”  “No way, what did it say?  It said, “You may rely on it.” 

Sometimes I ask the magic 8 ball questions just for the heck of it, and sometimes it’s just a fun way to involve people around me in the element of surprise.  And, who doesn’t love a surprise?  My magic 8 ball makes the unpredictable, predictable.  

When I was teaching, I kept it on my desk.   “Are we going to have a test on what we read this week?” “Let’s see what the magic 8 ball says….”  (To be honest I did not plan my lessons or assessments around the magic ball, but sometimes the students thought I did)”It’s not my fault, blame it on the magic 8 ball. “ 

In a world with so much certainty that can be stressful, why not lighten the mood a bit with some humor?  Explore the future through a small glass window on the flip side of an oversized billiard ball with the number 8 surrounded by a bright white ring.  As I look through the glass, blue triangles with white letters on them emerge slowly from a sea of bubbles.  When the ball was new I could read them clearly.  Now they are sometimes a blur.  But then again, so is the future, right?

 My 8 ball is so old that the number 8 is slightly smudged.  It went through 2 children, and countless classes with students passing it around and asking it questions.  It has held the future of so many in its spherical orbit.

I asked the magic 8 ball if I should write about it for today’s blog and it said, “It’s 4 certain.”

5 thoughts on “The Magic Eight Ball

  1. Colleen – so happy to read another slice of yours! I remember the ol’ Magic Eight Ball, loved it as a child. I’ve been thinking lately of retro things kids might enjoy knowing about…and you’re so right about the need for humor, lightening the moments, and oh yes, the future is indeed a blur. So is the present moment, in many ways…as always, your words themselves brighten the day!


    1. Fran, I am happy to be restoring my writing connection with you. I am always inspired by your story telling and use of language.
      The present is a blur for sure right now. I hope you wind up getting a magic eight ball. They are still available I thought about getting a new one since my old one is sometimes hard to read. When the triangle doesn’t appear, I create my own answer:)


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