Going For a Walk

When you just need a break….

After getting emotional about what I started to write, I decided to put if off for tomorrow and let it marinate overnight and give my heart a rest at the same time.  So I came back to my breath of fresh air; when all else fails- go for a walk.

When the world starts closing in, I throw open the door, and take in the blueness of the sky and the silhouette of the trees. Those trees with the bare branches create lithographs against the sky, especially at sunset when the background canvas of the sky is a deep blue and pink and yellow streaks highlight the delicate design of those branches that an artist could have sketched, but no, they are real.  Bare branches are also stunning when juxtaposed with snow.  They jump off nature’s canvas. 

So now the seasons are confused.  It’s like when the sun and the moon come out at the same time and are both hanging in the sky, vying for whether it’s day or night.  Now the seasons are competing for dominance. One day a cold wind pushes me indoors and I start up a fire.  The next day daffodils are pushing up in the yard,  “Coo coo We are coming up, peek a boo” “No wait, be careful old man winter is still around…”

I pass people who know my dog, but don’t know me  “Hi Bingo!”  I think to myself, who is that? Then I realize that they met Bingo with my husband.  Sometimes I chat with neighbors but mostly I walk in  my own world, not really needing or wanting to talk to anyone.  I just need to breathe in the cleanliness of the air and absorb the myriad  colors of nature,-dirt so richly coffee brown, trees with textured bark, leaves of many shapes, and flowers exploding with color, brilliant and subtle alike.  A quiet symphony plays and I find peace away from the brokenness of the world.

7 thoughts on “Going For a Walk

  1. Wow this is beautiful. I especially love, “When the world starts closing in, I throw open the door, and take in the blueness of the sky and the silhouette of the trees.” You have a way with words and you are so right, taking a break to let things marinate helps – good for you for giving your heart a rest too. Hope all is okay as you work through the emotions. I’ve had a lot of emotions lately and the best thing I can say is to be okay with sitting with those emotions. Feel the emotion. It’s okay.

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    1. Thank you for the warm support. I think we are all going through a lot emotionally right now, between our own lives and the state of the world.
      ( I accidentally sent this to myself, and realized I needed to resend.)


  2. Walking can work as therapy. Walking in nature has a double effect. With the mixed up weather we still know that eventually the winter will pass and spring will arrive. Your write well. Your details are vivid and I can feel the calming effect of the walk in the end.

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