Leprechaun at my Door

Where did this come from?

I came home from walking the dog and I saw it.  There on my doormat, I found a rectangular shaped box with a big gold bow.  It had Christmas paper and a St. Patrick’s Day card.  Quelle surprise!  What could it be?  The note said, “Here is something Irish, that could only be for you.”  I tore off the paper and what did I find? 

Where did this come from?

With tomorrow being St. Patrick’s Day, only a leprechaun could have left me something so wonderful with a leprechaun symbol on it even.  Actually it was a thoughtful and lovely gift from an old friend.  Such touches of kindness are all the sweeter in our current atmosphere of angst.

Beneath the green and gold crepe tissue paper, lay a wonderful surprise…This was no ordinary sweatshirt. It had embroidered symbols of the faith, first used by St. Patrick to explain the trinity, the shamrock. It even had a green collar and was made of far finer quality than your run of the mill sweatshirt, so do not underestimate the fashion busting quality of this gift, that only a leprechaun could have envisioned. I will wear it proudly, except for tomorrow, when I will break out as much as green as possible, even if I am not going anywhere but home. You never know when one of the little people might invite you to the other side of the rainbow… best to be ready

So, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.  Normally this evening I would be sorting through my green beads, buttons, hats and other assorted green paraphernalia that I normally pass out at our annual school party.  I would be putting the fine point on games and activities and selecting which music to bring.

Tonight is different, due to the Corona virus.  The Chicago river will not be getting dyed green and Savannah will not be exploding with jigs and reels.  Boston and New York will not be putting their Irish on display.  But that’s okay.  Every now and then nature throws us a curve ball called perspective.

I will miss celebrating with my students and carrying my Paddy day goodies about to friends, but I will not miss going out into the world at this point in time.  I am happy to be home with my hubby and will welcome the leprechaun’s visit.  Leprechauns do not want to be caught and always keep social distance.

4 thoughts on “Leprechaun at my Door

  1. I’m going to wear green to celebrate you! I will miss your green donuts and fanfare, but this is what we have to do right now. Like you said, “Every now and then nature throws us a curve ball called perspective.” Keep safe and keep slicing! 💚🧼🍀

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  2. I always love your leprechaun stories and your unmitigated joy over them. What an amazing gift from your friend – and what a delight in your entire delivery of this event, from “Quelle surprise!” to “best be prepared” for the little people’s invitation to the other side of the rainbow to the appreciating the “fashion-busting quality” of the shirt. You have – I know I’ve said this before! – the Irish gift of storytelling with pure Irish wit. The little people dance when you, write, Colleen (not that they’d ever TELL you). And your acceptance of the scaling down of celebrations with “Every now and then nature throws us a curve ball called perspective” – that’s one of the healthiest reactions I’ve encountered yet. In addition to respecting the inherent social distance of leprechauns, of course. 🙂

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    1. So glad you like my leprechaun stories. I feel like I come even more alive when I start talking about the wee people. I have pin that says “Honorary leprechaun” that I wear proudly from time to time. I like to think of myself as their earthly spokesperson:) Thanks for sharing in my joy


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