The Ides of March

Not like in Rome, we hope…..

This year it really feels like the Ides of March… A sense of foreboding hangs low over us like a dark cloud about to release a storm.  Reassurance comes primarily from Anthony Fauci, who should be Time magazine’s person of the year.   The news is sometimes scary and worse yet uncertain, but he is a voice you can believe and trust.

Being a fairly  extraverted person, I might have expected social isolation to be a challenge.  Admittedly, this is only the beginning, but I am finding this time of self-quarantine to be a time of solace, soul searching, and peaceful enjoyment of time with my husband.  That is of course when I am not freaking out, not over the social distancing, but over the threat of the virus itself.  There has never been a better time to be part of a writer’s blog than this March.  This is such a good venue to express our fears, hopes and anxieties.   

I fall asleep seeing pictures of those little prickly acorns dancing before my eyes, you know the ones they show of the virus in scientific articles. They are always a burnt orange color and seem to be moving about uncontrollably like windswept leaves.  When I walk out the door I imagine them to be waiting to ambush me and it is hard to know how to protect myself completely.  I fear getting the virus myself, but more so bringing it home. .My husband is careful but relaxed.  He meets this as he meets all challenges with confidence and an intentional sense of calm that helps steady my boat as well.

We make eggs and toast with green bagels, and drown our uncertainty in coffee   We sit by the fire reading, soaking in the solemnity of it all, and the way it seems so natural all at the same time.  A neighbor invited us to dinner last night, and I thought “Are you kidding… we are not going anywhere.” I know they meant well, but we are living in parallel universes, this feels far more real to us.  And it feels fine, just being here… and being grateful for being well. The Diocese of Arlington has cancelled mass, but there is always room for prayer. The gray blue sunlight filtering through the window is perhaps a reflection of the silver tinted lining wrapped around our prayers.

6 thoughts on “The Ides of March

  1. Solace: I like that word. In another slice exchange, a writer told me she was choosing to use the phrase ‘physical distancing’ rather than social distancing, because she was planning on staying socially connected from afar using all tools at her disposal. I’m passing on the thought, which might serve you well too.

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  2. As I walked today I saw so many families out doing yard work and just playing. It made me think that staying home together for a while might be just what this country needs. I like the positive overriding the perilous tone of your slice. Good luck.

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