The Art Teacher’s Chair

Where else would you find this chair but outside the door of the art teacher on conference day?  “Bonjour!”  The chair is beckoning me with its colorfully streaked wooden canvas. 

“I am no ordinary chair….mais non!  I am the chair of an artiste. I am unique, playful, and bursting with the unexpected, like any good work of art, and like my mentor, the art teacher “

“If you want to see ordinary, stroll down the grade level hallways. Linoleum newly waxed floors are the red, or gray, carpet of every day existence.  And those school color tinted plastic chairs, quelle cauchemare…They scream of eighties warehouse surplus.  They line the hallways from one end of the building to the other, filled with parents waiting to see teachers. At the end of the day, they are merely endless rows of empty seats who no longer have a sense of purpose.”

Now I am classic and edgy all at the same time.  I wasn’t born yesterday,  I was here long before the plastic interlopers appeared.  

I thought I heard the chair talking to me as I walked by   I started to respond… “ So true, you are exquisite.  You are a lovely invitation to parents on conference day to say, the world of art has a wide and deep seat ready to host you and arms  ready to embrace the artistic impulse of your child

Let your painted freckles splash across the wooden palette, your alternative throne. You will remain a step above the molded plastic that slowly encroaches, making the unnatural natural. 

6 thoughts on “The Art Teacher’s Chair

  1. How lyrical and full of “joie de vivre”! There’s energy in every colorful line, in your creative phrasing: “Now I am classic and edgy all at the same time” — “Let your painted freckles splash across the wooden palette, your alternative throne” – that chair is full of sass and wisdom. And yes, what an invitation. A work of art in every way, Colleen 🙂

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    1. You have a great memory. I did mention the chair in passing last year when I wrote about what the chairs outside my room meant- in terms of whole families attending conference. This year the art chair got a leading role and a personality of its own- departure from last year. It went from having a bit part to becoming the main character. In last year’s blog it had not yet come to life. Love that you remember that detail.


  2. I love how you personify the chair and even have a conversation with it! Your precise description of all the chairs is spot on. You also are modeling well what a writer must do – NOTICE!!! I envision you walking the Swanson halls, maybe heading to the bathroom or to check your mail and the whole time, you are taking in ALL the different chairs you see. Then you created this lovely post. Thanks for sharing!! I will try to be observant like you!! Thanks for the nudge.

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    1. i am smiling Sally. Your description of me wandering down the hall and passing chairs along the way that jump into my conscious is exactly right Writing this blog has helped me develop the little bits and pieces of life that I notice every day and may throw a passing comment in my mind to, but without developing the thought.
      Without you, I would not be part of this blog. It has given me the discipline and space to experience the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Thank you for getting me started and for encouraging me.

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