The Language of Parent Conferences

Parent conferences are among my favorite days.  I had parents tonight who spoke Spanish, Portuguese, Mongolian, and French.  I met mothers, fathers, aunts, and big sisters.  It was a circling of the wagons of all of us who care about each child.  I specifically chose “child” here and not student, because these are children of the universe, and they feel so much like family.  It is easy to see the silver threads spun through the tapestry of this community that connect us  No matter what language the families were speaking, they were all embracing the same nouns; opportunity, education, progress, readers, writers, and support.  They were weaving the community web of caring with the same adjectives; successful, fulfilling, engaged, confident, responsible, helpful, and kind.  We all want so much of the same thing for our children. So, what do we want?  I think it goes something like this:

When the cherry trees bloom we want their beauty to endure beyond the blossom

When our children learn, we want their newly opened hearts and minds to flourish beyond time

We want to see our children’s eyes sparkle with wonder and confidence that tomorrow belongs to them.

Read, child!  Inhale the sweet air of new ideas and swallow new words that make your sentences dance on the page

The more your read, the better you will write.  The more you write, the more likely  you are to  leave your mark on the world.

We want our young people to come to the table ready to grow and eager to seize the day-“ carpe diem”

Dance, sing and revel in the joy of knowing how much you are loved, and how proud the world is of you.

Give the world your best and trust that you are part of the plan

That is  intended for you

A new horizon that shines bright

In any language

One thought on “The Language of Parent Conferences

  1. “I specifically chose “child” here and not student, because these are children of the universe, and they feel so much like family.” This line speaks to your ability to build a welcoming community year after year. Coming to your classroom is like visiting family for Thanksgiving. I have learned so much from you and love that you can now share your stories beyond the walls of our school.


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