To Be a Grandmother

Being a grandmother is the greatest gift a woman can receive.  My grand baby was out of town with his parents this weekend, and I thought again about how lucky we are to have him so close by.  He is our present, our past, and our future, all in one. 

The present:  Each day is a daffodil blossoming in spring  Every small action he takes is a package dropped at the doorstep.  You don’t know what is inside  You don’t know what he will do next.  When he waves at you for the first time your world lights up.  When he reaches out for you to pick him up, you just won the lottery.  When he looks at you and giggles, you don’t have a care in the world  There is only one world, his world. 

The past:  As you  spend time with your grandchild, you relive many tender moments spent with your own child.  You remember how proud your children were when they first pulled themselves up to a standing position.  You remember how their little bodies melted into yours as you read that favorite book to them on the couch or in a rocking char.  I still have the baby carriage (pram) we bought for our children and cherished as their first comfy spots to explore the outside or just gently be rocked in the house  For thirty-four years I kept that pram as it held memories so rich and deep that It became a part of our home,  From time to time, it lent itself out to be the piece de resistance in other households for babies.  But, it always came home, knowing it would once again serve a loving purpose    our grandbaby has just outgrown his coach, and it is on its way to another family,  Past and present blend into one  in the delicate form  of this pram

The future:  The world is his oyster.  How beautiful to start life with parents who love you with a love so strong it is palpable.  He also has four graTindparents who adore him.  That every child could come into the world with this…..To see your own children as parents, and to see the love and tenderness they carry forward makes your heart sing and your spirit dance  The future looks so inviting, so whole, and so filled with miracles, like that of his birth.

This pram worked so well in the past, was an integral and beloved part of the present, and who knows about the future?

4 thoughts on “To Be a Grandmother

  1. I often stop by grandparent slices. Love the pic of the pram and how you reflected on the present, past,and future. I love remembering when my kids were little and watching them as parents is a delight.

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