When St. Patrick’s Day goes Spanish

Feliz Dia de San Patricio

This is the poster one of my parents made tonight at our family  book club gathering.  We all made posters featuring books we were lucky to have read.  But one of my parents decided she just wanted to make a poster to take home to celebrate, making note of all she feels lucky about.  She now loves St. Patrick’s Day.  She really made me smile, wearing her green.

This is my 17th year of running a family book club for my students.  I have had different partners over the years.  The current librarians do this with me now, and I love holding our club with them and in the school library.  It makes the school a more inviting place for parents.  You really get to know the families in a much more personal way.  I mean how else could I get my parents in green?

Our snack: Irish breakfast tea and soda bread, as we watched videos of the parade and Irish dancers during our pizza time.  The last of our extended celebrations at school.  I took down my last couple of sparkling shamrocks, and put away my stickers, and green construction paper. 

El Dia de San Patricio is finally going to sleep  Time to turn down the lights…

Time to get some sleep and see if my wee friends at home are behaving themselves or creating more riddles…..

BTW  Here are the answers to yesterday’s riddles  The leprechauns didn’t type on my laptop this time, they just left me pictures to reveal the answers


Picture #2

He left a pipe cleaner pointing to the hole in the center of the donut……..

A bit far fetched, but what can you expect from a leprechaun?

3 thoughts on “When St. Patrick’s Day goes Spanish

  1. El Dia de San Patricio – too fun! I’ve loved the whole of your multicultural St. Patrick adventure. So delighted to have solved those riddles! I hope your wee friends will sleep a while, as I don’t think my tired brain can handle more riddles at present!! Although I must say I love a challenge … stating the obvious …


  2. So much love and warmth in the traditions you have created- both book club and your St. Patrick’s traditions you share! And I believe you’re retired? And going back for book club with families… just lovely.


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