A Snow Coated Start to Blogging

Greetings Fellow Bloggers,

Thanks to Sally,  I have just joined you and learned how to blog.  I am getting ready for March All good things start in March…I wrote this last Wednesday. And here we are again…. home in our jammies, thankful for snow, even ice. The first day of our blogging month and winter is still befriending us.  How sweet it is!

It is snowing and we are home from school.  This is better than a scheduled holiday, because it is unplanned and therefore not spoken for.  This time is free and completely our own. It feels like hot chocolate, a roaring fire to warm up by,  and time to play with the dog. I even enjoy shoveling snow, which usually involves visiting with neighbors, and seeing the immediate progress of your work.  February just keeps on giving. So grateful for the bright white serene presence of SNOW!

It is early morning and already nature’s gift has arrived.  It is snowing, big chunky fluffy flakes. This is the kind of snow they copy in snow globes, not that wet measly thin rainy snow, no!  This is the master’s paint brush at work. The trees in my backyard are frosted in snow. The summer umbrella is closed and waiting on the back porch for its time to be needed.  Nobody is looking for cover from the sun today. It is tightly wrapped shut and carrying snow in the folds that create pockets for the snow to collect.

The statue of Mary in the Garden has now transformed into Mother Mary of the  Snow . Her stone robe is now draped in white and she looks out over the snow trimmed short wall that sets her apart from the rest of the blanketed yard..  The wood is ready for a fire, peeking out from its snow cover. The greenhouse can’t find any sun yet, Its windows are white panels. All of the outside seems to be in agreement that the snow is a welcome visitor  This is a visitor who won’t stay long and wear out her welcome. She will dance gracefully through the yard and the neighborhood and command the attention of spectators as she holds onto the coattails of winter….. Not so fast, eager daffodils, wait your turn!

Doesn’t each snow event remind you of snowstorms  over the years? I remember not being able to get back to college from my Easter break in New York because there was too much snow.  I remember my dad putting chains on the car in winter for traction, never see that anymore. I remember wearing oversized waterproof mittens clipped to my snow apparel so I wouldn’t lose them.  I should probably still do that.

Most of all, I remember in winter walking to a pond in the neighborhood with ice skates over my shoulder.  All the neighborhood kids congregated there when it snowed. We played crack the whip, making a long line holding hands and spinning at a furious speed so that the person on the end was flying around the outer perimeter of the pond at break neck speed.  I always tried to avoid being on the end. Sometimes it could not be helped, We all took our turns there, some gleefully, others terrified. When there was too much snow on the ice, it would only be a short time until the sun would do its job melting, freezing, and returning our ice to us.   That pond was surrounded by trees and gave off the Currier and Ives feeling, winter at its best.

11 thoughts on “A Snow Coated Start to Blogging

  1. I love the idea one one storm causing the memory of other snowstorms. I remember one year I had three days of school during a testing week and I built a snowman with my dad on our backyard. I love how you embraced the snow and found joy in the unexpected day off. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love this. I am having the same day today. Not a snow day here but a snow day where I was headed. I love the part where you talk about how snow days always remind you of other snow days. That is how I feel on New Years Eve and Thanksgiving too. Your post left me feeling so warm.

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  3. Hooray on your blog! Such beautiful snow out your window and description of snow days passed. It’s not quite so pretty here in Fairfax (as in there’s no snow), but I’m glad to work in Arlington!

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  4. I so enjoyed reading your snow memories. You described the skating chain that I felt like I was spinning. A favorite line: The statue of Mary in the Garden has now transformed into Mother Mary of the Snow . Can’t wait to read your post tomorrow!! Glad I could help you get started blogging!!


  5. Hello! I love snow and every one does remind me of snows past, just as every one brings to mind my favorite childhood books as well (the Narnia Chronicles). There is something magical about snow, although those who’ve had so much this year might disagree with me! Your setting comes across as both lovely and cozy. I can see it all so clearly, especially “Mother Mary of the Snow” looking out over the garden. Snow ushers in a holy hush.


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